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1 8 months

Srang 8 months

The driver was driving too fast between 90-110 km/h most of the time. He video called during driving at some point. He's good at over taking and keep tailgating. It gave me unease feeling all the time. This would the last time i pick this company.

Traveller 279105 8 months

ការបើកបរ ល្អ

Marnie 9 months

All went smoothly, we even arrived 1 hour earlier even though the driver took a few breaks (which is more than welcome when he drives such a long way)

Traveller 189562 9 months

Good driver. thank you

Papa 9 months

The driver texted while driving. It's very dangerous I think. If bookmebus notes to his company please tell them. Thanks.

0 9 months

Sherlyn 9 months

It was great, fast and comfortable. I dont think all the stops were necessary. Without the lunch stop the trip could be at least 30min less.

Bruno Mortier 9 months

Traveller 202368 9 months

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