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Traveller 181235 6 months

I did not ask him, 6 months

He is really kindness

Traveller 249675 6 months

uncomfortable and no room

Seila Angkor Khmer Express 6 months

Alessandro 6 months

0 6 months

Traveller 249675 6 months

uncomfortable bus, it is impossible to be four people on the back seat of the bus!

Nice Ride 6 months

Quick and easy service, would recommend

Traveller 243389 6 months

I cooperated with the seat change, but offered that seat made me dizzy, but was not assisted

Great van with nice temperature 6 months

We stopped two times for a break and needed 5.5 hours from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. The driver drove securely and we felt safe.

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