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Frederik 1 day

Overall experience was ok. But the driver really ruined it for me. He was driving very hasardous: last second breaking, risky overtakes, driving really close (less than one meter) to the vehicle in front, and an excessive use of the horn (every 5 sec)

Rithy 1 day

Everything was great!

Kris 7 days

Traveller 133650 8 days

Y 11 days

Samnang Noeun 13 days

Great Trip!

0 13 days

Traveller 53363 13 days

Traveller 219419 14 days

Yvonne 15 days

Too little space for Europeans, too load in van due to constant video calling for 6 hours, a lot of mosquitos. Short breaks every 60-90 min, Dinner restaurant too expensive. Driver drove fast and arrived 30 min earlier. Would not chose again.

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