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Guilherme 1 day

On the overall it made it from one location to another but 2h late due to numerous stops made either by request or to the driver’s will

Traveller 291694 1 day

ជិះប៉ះតាកុងស្ទាវ វ៉ាគេឯង ជាន់ហ្វ្រាំងម្តងៗ ចង់ផ្ងារមកមុខ

សុខាលាភ 3 days

តៃកុងឡានមានសុជីវធម៌ សុភាពរាបសារ។ សូមអរគុណ🙏

Traveller 304554 3 days

1 3 days

Don’t stay too close to other vehicles while driving.

Von Phearom 3 days

Karolina 3 days

Kris 3 days

Professional driver, no issues, comfortable seat. Seila Angkor is very reliable

Traveller 305250 3 days

Jim 5 days

Overall not bad. Just late 30 mins, the driver kept talking on the phone, and let some seller up. It was also during new year so ride was supposed to be 6 hours turn to 9 hours.

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