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1 about 1 month

Emma about 1 month

Left 20 mins late as waited for local ppl to arrive late all relaxed!! Lunch was meant to be 20 mins but took 40 waiting for ppl! AC broken. Hot, uncomfy journey. No leg room at back. Braking like crazy my boyfriend flew out of his seat. No space for bags

0 about 2 months

0 about 2 months

Rith about 2 months

The driver was really patient, steady and friendly. In addition, the bus was clean and reliable.

Tevy about 2 months

Clean vehicle and steady driver. I would recommend this company.

Frederik about 2 months

Overall experience was ok. But the driver really ruined it for me. He was driving very hasardous: last second breaking, risky overtakes, driving really close (less than one meter) to the vehicle in front, and an excessive use of the horn (every 5 sec)

Rithy about 2 months

Everything was great!

Kris about 2 months

Traveller 133650 about 2 months

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