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okay about 7 years

old, shitty bus - door did not open after stop in Kampong Thom... punctuality okay, traffic is not their fault. service good, but there are way better and more modern busses.

Nicoletta about 7 years

The staff was very kind, helpful and explained im a god english the whole border crossing procedure. Howevwr the bus was not what we expected. It was and old and not so comfortable bus, seems at least 30 years old. The delay was due to Viet border staff.

Becca about 7 years

The roads were very scary.

Themis Tsitsos about 7 years

In Mekong express There was no wifi. The driver was running very very fast and after all we did 5,45h and not 5h which was said to internet page.overal:worse trip ever.

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