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Traveller 68416 4 days

Traveller 68416 4 days

Traveller 77175 7 months

Sandy Ri 9 months

I was allowed to book online and only found out the day of when I called that the company is no longer running during Covid. Why would you allow someone to book knowing you aren't running currently? I am still waiting for a refund. No one is responding.

Ronj 10 months

I was not able to use the service because of Covid19 situation

Traveller 4709 10 months

Traveller 75424 11 months

Traveller 75424 12 months

Puthisak 12 months

Good service and safe driving

Lorenzo 12 months

The driver doesn't know that he can keep his foot on the accelerator instead constantly press and release the accelerator. 2 hours dalay on the arrival time

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