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Kakada Sok 4 months

Traveller 112436 4 months

Meng Se 5 months

sok kim 5 months

Langdet 5 months

DougPNH 5 months

Have used KimSeng before, always punctual and safe

Young traveler 5 months

The VIP bus is good, new, comfortable(bits small for people who has long legs) and good service. The bus from PP to KP the Driver was nice and not too fast. But, from KP to PP was very fast and car got problem in half way. Anyway we arrive safely.

Traveller 108075 5 months

I did not join

Traveller 108075 5 months

I didn’t join

RT 5 months

Clean van, timely departure, not too many passengers. Good stop on the way for restroom and snacks.

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