Traveler reviews for Kim Seng Express

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Traveller 108075 about 1 month

I didn’t join

RT about 1 month

Clean van, timely departure, not too many passengers. Good stop on the way for restroom and snacks.

Nimol Kim about 1 month

សូនីតា នាក់ about 1 month

សូនីតា នាក់ about 1 month

Bun Chhourng about 1 month

Traveller 107043 about 1 month

The driver should be calm down, I heard he speak not smooth to people who drive not good along the road

Fariza MIT about 1 month

I hope don't pick up customer along the way

Sarun Rathmono about 2 months

Traveller 92463 about 2 months


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