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Anna Pak 2 months

On arrival to bus station in Kampot we have been informed that the price we paid is for local and not for foreigner and requested to pay extra USD 2.00 which we have paid. But after checking with ticket again, see the ticket mentioned is a foreigner rate.

Александр 3 months

Глупо заставлять ехать в маске и проходить дезинфекцию.

Traveller 94528 3 months

Vel Land 3 months

Spent 5 hours in a trip that normally during 3 and half. It's the second time the van broken and the traffic jam affected my trip.

Passenger 1 3 months

The driver was good and helpful. Arrived on time. Best mini van option in to get to Kampot from Phnom Penh.

Traveller 119638 3 months


Traveller 121167 4 months


Traveller 10414 4 months

Happy to see local operators like KSE put effort into sanitization and temperature check. Would be even better if mask were mandatory for both staff and passengers.

ថៃ សាមិនា 4 months

Traveller 98430 4 months

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