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j 9 months

until now we are on the road GO HO TRAVEL make something on this .. im so fucking exhausted alnost 24 hours of travel this is my first time and this is the worst travel ever i experienced ... the service is not good 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

j 9 months

im not satisfied in my trip. one person should be in one bed.. we book 2 bed but wi slept together in one small space ..

Clodagh 9 months

Bus left almost an hour late, broke down twice. Driver beeped at every car in middle of the night, drivers shouting at eachother from opposite ends of bus and made 10 stops on the side of the road for no reason - avoid this!!

Traveller 265270 9 months

A bit late, driver was fast and careful on the road. Overall a good trip.

Solo 10 months


Tour was perfekt. 10 months

Fleur G 10 months

The driver drove responsibly and the air conditioner was working :)

Randeep 11 months

The bus arrived in Bangkok 2 hours late. There were no instructions of our baggage during border crossing. I had booked front seats on the bus but the assistant said they are booked and I showed my confirmation but he didn't listen. Overall poor service.

Bob 11 months

It was a horrible ride. Crazy drivers, many many stops And to many People en bagage in the fan. I wouldn't recoment this ride

Bob 11 months

Only the chairs are a bit to small for western People. Further we had a nice ride.

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