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Léa CARVALHO 3 months

Joe c 4 months

I was stuffed in never to all of these peoples stuff that they bought. That was ok though. After the boRder I was taken all the way to siem reap in a jeep. That's fine. But wen I got dropped off the driver and tuktuk tried to con me into paying for a ride

manuel 4 months

First driver awful, unpolite and unprofessional, also uneducated, he doesn't know how to speak english at all, it's impossible to comunicate with him and he doesn't know how to communicate with customers. Second driver good but hard to find where located

Michi 4 months

I think it would be better if the guide show clearly how to access the travel office after Cambodia border.

Bus station was closed, and no response from BookMeBus 5 months

I was sitting at a closed bus station. Trying to get in contact with BookMeBus, but there was absolutly no response. BookMeBus Selling tickets that dosent exist. I cant recommend to book from here.

Robert Henney 6 months

The first bus from Patea was horrendous, it wasn’t like the picture expressed. The bus was mouldy and rusty and the seats were so uncomfortable. My ticket wasn’t checked upon boarding. The crossover from Cambodia was also not so great. The taxi company wa

Single Male Traveler 7 months

Driving through rural Cambodia is never a smooth operation, but our driver did very well to keep up a good pace. It ended up taking about 2.5 hours to get to the Poipet border crossing despite the massive truck traffic near the border. Overall, thumbs up!

j 7 months

until now we are on the road GO HO TRAVEL make something on this .. im so fucking exhausted alnost 24 hours of travel this is my first time and this is the worst travel ever i experienced ... the service is not good 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

j 7 months

im not satisfied in my trip. one person should be in one bed.. we book 2 bed but wi slept together in one small space ..

Clodagh 7 months

Bus left almost an hour late, broke down twice. Driver beeped at every car in middle of the night, drivers shouting at eachother from opposite ends of bus and made 10 stops on the side of the road for no reason - avoid this!!

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