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Anto 6 months

Traveller 275391 6 months

Bad service 6 months

Bus took over 3 hours longer than scheduled because it kept stopping to pick up locals. Solo travelers were forced to share tiny bed with locals. Bus over crowded and uncomfortable. Would try any other form of transport Instead, worst bus in SE Asia

Roman 7 months

Better than expected. Seemed to be a new bus, curtains at any bed, good smelling pillows and blanket, safe ride

Boa opcao para viajar no Cambodja 7 months

Viagem entre Siem Reap e Siahnoukville correu bem ate meio do trajeto, mas depois o AC deixou de funcionar, um calor descomunal e asficiante, o condutor tentou resolver, com pagem de cerca de 1 hora, mas seguimos viagem sem AC.

Traveller 281928 7 months

Not let me aboard, I have booking a ticket and paid before car leaving. My seat is sold to higher price.

PP 7 months

A journey that should have took 3 hours, took 6 hours. Stopped about 7 times during the journey. Took a detour to drop off a passenger which added an extra hour onto the journey. Terrible.

Traveller 279419 7 months

Traveller 280474 7 months

សេវាកម្មអន់ សាងឲ្យក្រុមហ៊ុនផ្សេងជាក្រុមហ៊ុនយាប់ដូចគ្នា ខកពេលវេលា អ្នកដំណើរផ្សេងគួរពិចារណាមុនជិះ

Martin 7 months

Muy bueno!! Un poco chicas las camitas para ir de a dos personas! Pero se está bien! Actualicen la ubicación en el mapa que está mal! Está en la cuadra siguiente!

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