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Celine over 1 year

We came with the right bus and everything was fine, but we were 1,5 hour late, because the driver stopped 15 times and drove 50/t

Traveller 242101 over 1 year

អត់គោរពពេល ចង្អៀត

AnonFil over 1 year

The dispatcher was well speak english, but the bus arrived was 15mins late. Pillow and Bed sheets not smell good, you cant sleep well unless you are tired so much. Overall not good experience…

Jonathan over 1 year

Judi over 1 year

The webpage told us 3 hours. It took us 6… so yeah, NOT punctuality at all!

Emma Andersen over 1 year

Worked as it should. No delay and nice guidance though boarder control. No complaints

CS over 1 year

One of, if not the worst, bus ride I’ve ever had. There were cockroaches, the beds were extremely uncomfortable, and we were woken up by flashing lights on arrival. What happens if someone has epilepsy??? Awful experience from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

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