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Traveller 232906 4 months

Gulia g 5 months

Our bus trip took 6 hours and it was not only because of the traffic, a lot of stops as well

Hyeonggil Joo 5 months

Early arriving and accommodation is peoper. But, about 3a.m., anyone's hand is coming into my space. I said something and the bad hand went out. Because of sleeping bus, the security is the most cosiderable thing above all.

Traveller 246449 5 months

Driver was very loud 6 months

Driver was very loud. We cant find sleep. I have to tell him very oft, that he cant be listen music so loud.

Lim 6 months

Punctual & safe drive using Highway all the way . Good experience.

Ida 7 months

The bus total travel time was supposed to be 3h but ended up being almost 6h since the driver made extra stops and took detours. We missed our connecting ferry because of this and therefore had to buy new tickets. We lost both time and money on this trip.

Traveller 45069 7 months

Louis 7 months

ALWAYS LATE . It’s the third bulbs we take with you and we ALWAYS arrive so late, because we spend more time making sops rather than moving.

Traveller 242866 7 months

plus de 2h de retard, bateau pour koh rong loupé ! compagnie plus que nulle

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