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Martin 8 months

Muy bueno!! Un poco chicas las camitas para ir de a dos personas! Pero se está bien! Actualicen la ubicación en el mapa que está mal! Está en la cuadra siguiente!

Dominic 8 months

Terrible trip. We've taken 4 buses across Cambodia and this was the worst. Bus left early but was clearly not fit to do the journey as the driver had to stop twice causing a 1.5hr delay to original arrival time. Vireak Buntham Express is better

Belen 9 months

El bus fue mejor de lo que esperaba, salió puntual a las 8.30pm de Siem Reap pero llegamos media hora atrasada, lo cual está bien por ser un viaje de 9 horas y media. Les recomendaría llevarse tapones para los oídos por si te toca alguien que ronca.

Traveller 16793 9 months

Show expectations arrival 3h but actually, 5h. It should be driving on expressways but only 20% of distance that drove on expressways.

Traveller 276305 9 months

Carmen 9 months

Far better than we expected. If you're taller than 1,75m, you won't be able to stay completely straight.But we had a good sleep. The AC is on, so I recommend long trousers, shocks and jumper. There is a toilet-stop at mid-way, yeah, have some paper :)

Traveller 273730 10 months

Traveller 272411 10 months

Thomas 10 months

They made us switch busses after an hour at like 2am. The second bus was full so i had to lay with a stranger in a single bed

Not recommended 10 months

In the really tiny beds they want to put 2 strangers. With my 1.81cm I didn’t even fit diagonal. How do they wanna put 2 in max 90cm together?!?? And they were very rude about not accepting an unknown man next to me.

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