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Won't use this company again about 6 years

The drive drove very fast and overtook cars on curves during torrential rain. There were many stops along the way with many delays. We sat in seats 3 & 4 and were blocked in by large packages. We couldn't get out at the rest areas due to the boxes.

very disappointed about 6 years

The bus left 15 min late and made many stops to pick up people (5-10 min each) and for food (5-20 min each). None of the stops had a set time. The driver was very wreckless. He overtook other cars on blind curves, going uphill, etc. I never felt safe.

HP about 6 years

The express van was comfortable, but in this particular van, the seats did not recline, so it was a little difficult to sleep.

Blaise Corsini about 6 years

On the trip going:The driver was applying for Fast & Furious, the tire threads were balding beyond 2mm, the van was not maintained and the vent system was only intermittent. The return journey had a better van and a more stable driver.

Anna Requejo about 6 years

Alanna about 6 years

I had a good trip overall but at one point our driver almost drove us right into some motorcyclists! The wifi didn't work and the a/c wasn't great. The seats were decently comfortable though.

Robert about 6 years

A nice van and mostly on time. Addition of internet would be nice. Too many unscheduled stops to pick up Khmer passengers. We stopped 1 km from the station. This is a disruption, need to rearrange people and baggage. This is an express, no? Why can't ...

RC over 6 years

Left slightly after scheduled departure but arrived roughly on time in Phnom Penh - bus was immaculately clean and comfortable

Paul Lewis over 6 years

terry Calgary canada over 6 years

The drive was good shuttle was clean and new the driver was a little to fast at times and didn't care for picking up his friends along the way but other than that it was well worth the money. I would use again for sure

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