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Bart almost 7 years

Departure and Arrival was on the mentioned hours. We didn't always felt very safe during the trip because the driver was driving like crazy, and we picked up some extra people on the road that had to sit on a box of beer or a plastic seats.

Georgia almost 7 years

This bus ride was really good, very punctual.

Usa almost 7 years

Riccardo almost 7 years

Philip almost 7 years

It was like Mario Kart in real life. Dude was driving like 160 kmh, driving on the left side of the road all of the time, honking at everything that we crossed at the road, people were crying and everything... To put it short, best ride of my life 10/10!!

Irene almost 7 years

It was discousting how many cockroaches there where in the bus! Small big everywhere

Kris almost 7 years

Very unpleasant journey almost 7 years

Wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Horrible drive with no communication regarding the many shady stops made along the way (this is NOT an express service). Seems to be a package postal service along the way too.

Rose almost 7 years

Journey not great. Bus so packed with boxes etc, was nowhere for my legs which was very uncomfortable; aisle was full so if had been an accident we would be trapped. Also driver drove very fast on wet roads on wrong side of road on his phone; I was scared

Renee about 7 years

We were disappointed with the length of the trip. We stopped 6 times on a five hour drive. The last three stops were to drop off passengers and seemed to be out of the way from the route. However, the driver refused to drop us at our hotel.

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