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Xavier over 5 years

So bad the minibus wasn't check before departure and broke 2 hours later because of an issue with the motor. Fortunately one of the passenger spoke english and helped us to have information because we didn't have nothing from the driver

Hilde over 5 years

Very good journey. Comfortable and efficient.

Traveller 1 over 5 years

Too packed..

BJAY100 over 5 years

Very satisfied with this transportation. The mini-van was comfortable and clean, not overloaded, with functioning seat-belts. The driver stopped at appropriate times for breaks. Would recommend this service.

Frank Rigo over 5 years

Felt safer with this company. Still made good time but with fewer heart in mouth moments. The driver was also very accomodating and free water supplied.

Gio over 5 years

Excellent service.

K over 5 years

Good service, no delays. Travel time here on bookmebus said 5hrs, but I doubt it can be shorter than 5:30-6 hrs. Also forgot my jacket in the van. Retrieved it from the station couple hours later with no problems. Definitely recommend this one!

Trent over 5 years

Overall it got us from A to B. Classic Cambodian driving styles which were fine. The completely bald rear tyre caused me concern. There was no AC which made it a stinker of a journey and luggage lined not just the boot but the whole isle. Pretty average.

Robbie over 5 years

I booked this bus from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri and it was fantastic - it left on time and arrived early with a few short breaks to use the bathroom for anyone that needed to. The views were great and the price is incredible value. Thanks guys

Bart over 5 years

Departure and Arrival was on the mentioned hours. We didn't always felt very safe during the trip because the driver was driving like crazy, and we picked up some extra people on the road that had to sit on a box of beer or a plastic seats.

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