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Chuck Kimliang 4 months

Robs 4 months

Good flexibility, I had to change my plans.

Traveller 269019 5 months

the bus was old and dirty and stopped all along the way to pick up other passengers which made us over an hour late to arrive in Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh.

Traveller 283709 5 months

ratana 5 months

ឡានដូ មិនដូចការកក់ ពេលវេលាចេញដំណើរយឺតជាងសន្យាជិតមួយម៉ោងកន្លះ តែអ្នកបើកបរល្អតែ យ៉ាប់ក្រុមហ៊ុន

Helle Jacobsen 5 months

Traveller 281657 5 months

they didn’t stop the last bus station and driver took me location by tuktuk with overcharge. be careful.

Jan smith 5 months

Its a bit disorganized, late leaving came in shinoukville a hour later but general ok

Mini bus to sihanoukville 5 months

Gaelan 5 months

This was by far the worst "bus" experience I've ever had. Instead of a bus, they put me in a minivan and the driver proceeded to load 9 additional passengers into a car that could only hold 6 passengers. Dangerous, unhygienic, disrespectful, and insulting

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