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Chan Minea Yors almost 5 years

Traveller 1507 almost 5 years

There was an accident during my ride. There was no injury but it spent too much time to wait; therefore, I arrived Kep around 6:30pm.

Traveller 65333 almost 5 years

Esteban almost 5 years

The bus arrived 3h late

Traveller 66068 almost 5 years


Traveller 49813 about 5 years

Oringial bus cancelled 2 hours before departure, replacement was late and much slower, almost doubling journey time.

Traveller about 5 years

PP-Kampot. Advertised as 3.5 hours direct, actually via Kep and 5 hours. Your fare facilitates a parcel/favour delivering service for the driver. Second leg was operated by a young upstart who used his phone the entire time and nearly caused an accident.

Traveller 65830 about 5 years

Traveller 42410 about 5 years

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