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Arttu Lehtinen 3 months

The driver was insane and very dangerous driving style. Still the bus was late for one hour. No seatbelt available.

Traveller 77792 5 months

Anyway, in could get receipt via the app?

Traveller 77792 5 months

About to hit things on the route many times Poor aircon system, keep heating up in the bus making passenger difficult to breath

Traveller 77792 6 months

Lisa 7 months

Very disappointed not having been warned about the change between night bus and mini van, I would have book another bus. Instead I took the van, too noisy to sleep, no space for the legs, and very upset by my neighbor who tried to touch me many times.

Traveller 39784 7 months

តាន់ មុីលី 7 months

Traveller 8696 7 months

Everything to be improved 7 months

The driver has felt as Schumacher, good that we arrived alive ... the bus was very tiny

Georgia Cook 7 months

Very horrible experience - arrived half an hour late. Then we couldn’t even fit on the seats which were supposed to be “big even to sleep on?” Then; our 6 hour drive ended up being 10 hours, missed our hotel booking - very disappointing

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