Traveler reviews for Ratanak Sambath Express Transportation

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Traveller 43710 over 2 years

the bus on description said will leave at 1:00pm. when I arrived the bus station 2:00pm not leaving yet which made me waiting for one hour without any reason besides of keep me waiting.

Bunna over 2 years

It was the worst VIP minivan experience for me.

Traveller 99066 over 2 years

Peter Phoeng almost 3 years

1 hour late and not 2.5 hour as advertised. I arrived at 2:30 waited 1 hour and arrived btb at 7pm.

Alex almost 3 years

Hannah almost 3 years

I speak Khmer but the driver or the person at the ticket counter didn't even try to communicate with me.

Travel almost 3 years

Bad travellor attribute, bad small, very cramped.

Traveller 94730 almost 3 years

Super bad smell, space is very cramped, not clean. It's like a nightmare on this bus.

Alexa about 3 years

The bus never showed up. We had to catch a Taxi

Sven about 3 years

Bus came 45min late from rattanakiri. Was dirty. Took forever. With random stops and waiting for another mini van from the opposite direction to pick something up or talk.

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