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Brak Chanthea almost 5 years

Traveller 10381 almost 5 years

Very poor bus condition. AC was not worked at all, sitting in that bus like sitting on the boat without roof. Bus very shakes and I almost take off all of my shirt. The bad experience ever I used to met.

Sela SAO almost 5 years

Traveller 45132 almost 5 years

Bhupendra Singh Rathore almost 5 years

Overall the trip was fantastic rather then the behaviour of the driver he was not ready to uttar a word from his mouth on our enquiry....Rest is fine

Chanmakara Vat about 5 years

Traveller 40542 about 5 years

The shuttle van no air-conditioning from Siem Real till Phnom Penh. Now I got sick

Sela SAO about 5 years

bardzo zla komunikacja z obsluga about 5 years

Wykupilismy specjalnie 2 miejsca za kierowca , Bardzo nam zalezalo na tych miejscach . Ze zdziwieniem stwierdzilismy ze nasze miejsca sa zajete przez obywateli chinskich , aroganckich i agresywnych , nie mieli oczywiscie biletu ani nie znali angielskiego

Touch Puthisak about 5 years

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