Traveler reviews for Seila Angkor Khmer Express

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Sela SAO about 4 years

Traveller 4210 about 4 years

Driver drove over speed limit

Sela about 4 years

Li Rana about 4 years

sokharath oum about 4 years

Tina about 4 years

Office for tickets very small and dirty, but the van itself with a/c and the driver was very efficient, so we were in time when we arrived at the destination.

TSKH about 4 years

Air-con is not working well. A bit warm inside the van and a bit uncomfortable. Other than this, evrything is fine.

Ronoch Rom about 4 years

Bus trip about 4 years

Not the best trip. Rude driver. Driver inpatient always honking horn. Driver make too many stop along the way.

Traveller 94722 about 4 years

Driver was late leaving. Made bathroom stops too many times. Was always honking his horn. Not a relaxing ride

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