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Traveller 51814 12 months

Traveller 45069 12 months

Guest 12 months

One arrives several hours before the border and waits unnecessarily at the border. The staff do not care about the group and do not provide the necessary information.

Guest 12 months

I didn't get the information about the bus change after the border, which resulted in me leaving some of my belongings there, including the Canvas. I tried to get them back. Workers are liers, not recommend the services. I’m dissapointed and angry.

Traveller 215591 12 months

the ride was okay thanks for the comfortable seats, but the AC is not that cool.

phoch sreyneang 12 months

Traveller 256463 12 months

Traveller 222010 12 months

nigh bus , why put the the woman the same bed with the man? abig guy he toke over the bed place, the staff ask for 5$more becos I have 2smal box

0 12 months

- please add some smell in car cause I can’t stand the smell that bad, be more punctual, don’t stop too many place for unnecessary business, late lunch provided. Should have lunch break at least 12-1pm not 2pm like I experienced

0 12 months

they lets us wait for 3 hours and half without apologizing so not professional at all

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