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Nora Seng about 3 years

S about 3 years

Bus was 2 hours late and very cramped.

Claire P about 3 years

I booked a seat in a van from banlung to PP and we were dropped at Kratie to another van that was horrible: no AC, windows broken, the driver was going very fast and never stopped for toilets, the rain was coming inside the van and he had no wipers...

Hana about 3 years

The space was very cramped and smelly. Not very clean.

Traveller 106045 about 3 years

Traveller 106045 about 3 years

Traveller 97359 about 3 years

Unacceptable services. The van departed 1.5 hours late. The driver was very rude. I booked number 4-5 seats but ended up sitting at the back because the driver brought in a motorbike and kept it at my original seats. Very poor! Not recommended!

no about 3 years

This is probably one of the worse bus company I have ever taken. The company owner is very cheap, did not take care of the bus. It got flat tire often, and the management is bad, the bus driver arrived late at night, don't know where to sleep.

Traveller 5696 about 3 years

Caryl over 3 years

We started off in time and we're even picked up from our guesthouse since we were 7 of the passengers. Another passenger was almost 30 minutes late so we started off late causing us to arrive late. The van was clean and there were plenty of rest stops.

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