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AJITH over 6 years

Nothing to complain about.

Jodie Evans over 6 years

Excellent journey, plenty of stops, quick journey! Can’t complain!

KL over 6 years

Overall good. Quick trip. Driver was very safe. My complaint is confusion at drop off point. When dropped off, the only person talking to me was a pushy tuk-tuk driver. I wasn't even sure if we were at right drop off location listed on the website.

Jorge Sanchez-Gtz Google Voice over 6 years

Right on time!!!

They canceled my bus without telling me over 6 years

I showed up for my 4 pm bus and was told they were going to pick me up at 4:15 because they cancelled my bus and out me on the 5 pm. I provided a local number and email and yet they didn't notify me in advance.

Bob & two others over 6 years

We arrived early and the previous scheduled van was loading so they put us on the earlier van which was great. For drivers, I think it depends on whether you are using a North American definition of "unsafe passing" or a Cambodian.

Bw over 6 years

Timely. Do not need so long to break and was an expensive stop. But did the job!

Marco over 6 years

Very fast transfert between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

richard goffe over 6 years

very good service and journey. thought temperature got quite cold and could have done with a toilet stop. dont know if there is one or not, was sleeping. would take again and highly recommend to others

Jakub Rokicki over 6 years

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