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Traveller 3196 over 4 years

The driver drave to slow as he felt so tired and lazy on driving or responding to customer...

James over 4 years

Comfy bus and nice driver but arrived 2 hours late

Phil over 4 years

Bus was clean and comfortable (not overcrowded as some we’ve been on. Left on time and arrived an hour early. Overall good service.

Save the trouble, book with Giant ibis over 4 years

Big contrast with our return ride we had with Giant Ibis. With Seila Angkor: - Driver is insane: 3 (local) people threw up during the 5 hour drive (no joke, only smell) - Keep on pushing people in the van - Tiny seats (and i am average sized in EU)

James over 4 years

Traveller 38551 over 4 years

Booking process were smooth plus the journey also convenience. Sum up, it's a pleasure for choosing this service.

Vicky over 4 years

Pleasant journey. Surely will choose this company.

De Laza over 4 years

Maybe on the next ride, the driver can provide a much cheaper venue for meals.

Ronny Kolty over 4 years

The ride to PP was a nightmare. A careless driver that almost got us into an accident. He drove too close to a truck and the rear mirror of the truck scratched the window causing unnecessary panic. I would not book with this bus company.

Panha over 4 years


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