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Traveller 67394 about 4 years

Soneang Noeun about 4 years

Traveller 33679 about 4 years

The overall experience was awful. The car was so old. There was annoying sound ងីត​ៗ from departure to arrival. And the A/C was not cold at all, it was only the air came out. But the driver was okay. These made the whole trip felt uncomfortable.

Adam about 4 years

AngelPH about 4 years

Was hesitant to book this because of the rating but overall the trip was good. Thank you so much! 👍🏾

Traveller 67531 about 4 years

Traveller 55907 about 4 years

kr francisco about 4 years

it was a safe and smooth drive. when I needed to go to the toilet, the driver looked for a place that had toilet and accompanied me. Thankyou very much!

Traveller 52753 about 4 years

Dul Samnang about 4 years

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