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Oliviad about 1 year

Thought this was an express bus straight to Mondulkiri but there were about 20 or so stops over the 9 and a half hours picking people up and dropping them which was annoying. Too many people in the bus - there were people sitting on the floor.

Tiberio Simone about 1 year

Please do not do that to travelers. Everything you promised was not deliver. We supposed to travel in a mini bus. Instead we had a very old old bus with no air conditioned. It took 3 extra hours. It was horrible

Sd about 1 year

The driver was incredibly unsafe, the bus was over packed and there was no room for our bags. Was carsick the entire time from the erratic driving, I will never use this company again.

Tiberio Simone about 1 year

We had a terrible experience. You promise us a mini van. It was a very old bus with no air conditioning. It broke doe in the way. So they fix it right away. Then they drove very slow. We arrived 3 hour late. I will never book with this company again.

Vicki hutchinson over 1 year

This driver much better than the one going from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri. But bus too full of people and luggage etc..very squashed.

Vicki hutchinson over 1 year

The driver didnt speak any English but thats not the issue...he never smiled once he was on mobile phone basically the entire trip no seat belt unless he thought there were police and he drove 140km an hoyr most of the way..we gotbthere in one piece but .

Dimi over 1 year

Sam over 1 year

No room in tiny van because space was taken up with packages. Door was rattling constantly. Driving was fast but dangerous at points. No luggage space. Many stops.

Lena over 1 year

Best driver in Cambodia! I felt safer than on all my other trips in Cambodia.

Aryo Dipo over 1 year

No space for luggage because space in back was taken up with packages. Many stops to deliver packages. Driver was overtaking wrecklessly and used the horn 50% of the time. Wouldn’t recommend.

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