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Traveller 13704 about 5 years

Marty about 5 years

We have been travelling through Asia for a year now and have used lots of vans and buses, the driver on this trip was the best by far. Checked the van over at every stop travelled at a safe speed and left on time which is almost unheard of here.

Ryan All about 5 years

Nice service thank you

Traveller 60334 about 5 years

jong geon kim about 5 years

good. not bad . but delay 50minute is only the defect

Sa about 5 years

A bit cramped but had aircon and the driver stopped a couple times for toilet breaks. Drove quickly but wasn’t too bad, made it in 5.5 hours.

Juliette Wrobel about 5 years

It was good but we payed for the wifi and there was no wifi in the bus.

Traveller 5854 about 5 years

Express minivan left on time. Driver didn't speed, never went above 100kmph. 8-9 hour trip. 6 stops to pick up locals but this is good. Not really fair if the only minivan Siem Reap to Sen Monorom caters just for tourists travelling from Siem Reap. 5*

Eng Pheng about 5 years

Driver act so bad

Oliviad about 5 years

Thought this was an express bus straight to Mondulkiri but there were about 20 or so stops over the 9 and a half hours picking people up and dropping them which was annoying. Too many people in the bus - there were people sitting on the floor.

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