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Tom almost 4 years

There were NO space for the legs or backpacks. The air condition was broken, so on the 6 hours I was in the bus, the cold air blow me on my neck, head and shoulder. Horrible! The driver spoke no word English. For good transportation, book somewhere else!!

Traveller 79605 almost 4 years

Marcel almost 4 years

All good. Every hour a quick stop. Nothing to complain about on this journey

Veacha almost 4 years

We were given the wrong seat number, we booked #3 and #4 but we were moved to 6,7

Thomas almost 4 years

Very enjoyable ride. Great driving skills and wasted no time. Stopped every hour at the beginning which was annoying but we caught up the time lost. Fixing the air conditioning would be good next time. Overall it was comfortable and I recommend this

Traveller 77959 almost 4 years

Krishna almost 4 years

Nothing to complain about. Left on time, arrived on time... he was driving fast yes but he was being carefull when passing others vehicules!

Never Again almost 4 years

16 passengers & their luggage for a maximum 13 passenger van.No room for feet because of luggage everywhere and 10 cases of water that the driver was delivering to a local store.No aircon because Khmer passengers in front were cold.We were told NO aircon

Jens Christmann about 4 years

Free water bottle per person. Friendly driver. Arrived around 45min later due to several stops for package delivery & letting locals leave at individual locations.

Passenger about 4 years


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