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Kirsten over 2 years

Good service all round and delivered what was promised clean efficient and professional ps I don't know what was meant by ' inspector' in the star ratings so left blank

Franco over 2 years

I wasn't sure if they would pick me at my hotel cause it was my first time using psd express but they picked me 15 minutes before departure. Bus was awesome. Wifi on bus and air-conditioning. Driver beeps too much unnecessarily. Great company to travel!!

Vinay over 2 years

Paul over 2 years

very happy with this bus company

Tina over 2 years

Unexpectedly good!

Chris Benning over 2 years

The drive was great, I'm was very happy with the WiFi connection. Some of the seats appeared to be broken and would just recline as soon as you sat down in them, it seemed the the handle to recline was broken

CK over 2 years

Thomas Wanhoff over 2 years

Never again. No power plug at seat 6A, so I moved to 7B where the seatbelt was broken. Seats are worn out and not much legroom. This is a very old bus, and I saw the driver twice using his phone.

Thomas Wanhoff over 2 years

The bus wasn't cleaned, but everything else was ok. The trip back to Siem Reap with PSD wasn't good at all.

ChrisWade over 2 years

This was an excellent service and I would highly recommend it to anyone

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