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Traveller 270188 about 1 month

Olivier 3 months

Very good, confortable, on time

ZW 3 months

The buses are basic minibuses, but they do not overfill them so you still have enough room. Aircon works well in the buses so you aren’t too hot. The driver didn’t let me sit in the seat that I had booked but other than that a good journey!!

danet chhay 3 months


sen.k 6 months

Bus left promptly, but about 3 hours out of Phnom Penh the van broke down and ended up waiting around at a mechanics on the side of the highway for 1.5hrs. We crammed into another van and shared seats for the rest of the trip. A true Cambodian experience

Traveller 8 months

Travelled from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri (return) with Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express. The bus was ok with some storage overhead for bags. The seats were quite narrow however, and a bit uncomfortable. The journey was at least one hour longer than scheduled.

MJW 9 months

15 minutes after departure, we stopped unannounced at a mechanic. Driver got out, talked to the staff, and walked away as they took the whole front of the van apart. I had no idea what to expect. Finally got back on the road and arrived 2 hours late.

Iñaki Jauregi 9 months

The only complain that I might tell you is that we got 1 hour late to our destination. Otherwise everything was Ok

Yan 9 months

Bus was not able to get to destination. Based on driver's talk it was not the first time, they just didn't find necessary to repair the bus. And the bus is very destroyed mechanically.

Elisabeth 10 months

The driver was driving to fast for my. I was scared during the drive. Everything else was fine.

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