Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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Schaeba 6 months

Not 5 hours, more like 6.5 hours. Many stops and coach full of extra people and merchandise including food.

Donna kemp 7 months

Traveller 165437 8 months

Chris Bowers 8 months

This bus had better leg room for me. We left and arrived on time.

Chris Bowers 8 months

The seats on this bus were too small for two people to sit next to each other. I could only fit on about 3/4 of my seat and the leg room was also inadequate as I am 88 cm tall.

Sin Sovuthy 9 months

The bus service is a bit late and took more goods in bus such as motors

C 9 months

Fast and furious Cambodian style, but comfortable bus and 100% on time

Traveller 270188 11 months

Olivier 12 months

Very good, confortable, on time

ZW about 1 year

The buses are basic minibuses, but they do not overfill them so you still have enough room. Aircon works well in the buses so you aren’t too hot. The driver didn’t let me sit in the seat that I had booked but other than that a good journey!!

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