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Traveller 303533 about 2 hours

bad experience, the car crashed with another car, driver run away and didnt even check on the passengers, not recommended

Poi Pet - Phnom Penh 1 day

Driver not good

Poi Pet - Phnom Penh 1 day

Nikhil 1 day

we booked seat 1 and 2 which is behind the driver, the seats were very close and hardly can bend the knees due to the furniture in front of us, thankfully we were replaced by another seats in the same bus. Note my height is 1.85cm.

Khmer new year day start time a little late 2 days

Khmer new year day start time a little late 2 days

I would like complain.! 2 days

Duplicate set during booking. But still available status on app. Saly VIP is not responsible for passenger on this issue.

B 2 days

Vicheka 2 days

The recommend sleeping bus

RC17 3 days

The bus left a bit late than scheduled so it took a bit longer to arrive at Battambang. However the bus is good and clean. They even allowed us to exchange seats with the other guests for better leg space.

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