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I over 2 years

The trip was said to take 4 h, but endes up taking 7,5 h. That was partly due to some waiting at the border, but we wouldn’t have made in 4 in any case. What disappointed me the most was that after the border we were put on a minibus the rest of way.

Andrea over 2 years

We travelled with the speed boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, it took 6 hours - two hours less than expected. Sitting on the deck was a lot better than inside (noisy, shabby seats). Pick up- service from the hotel worked well.

Clemence over 2 years

The boat was very small. We spent the travel on the top/roof of it. We were quite disappointed at the beginning, but the trip was nice and i would still recommend it on a sunny day if you don't mind the lack of confort.

Christophe over 2 years

We bought tickets and we got the ticket. BUT, you offer to pick us at the hotel and despite two confirmation from your side you never showed up. In the end we had to pay ourself for a tuktuk on short notice . Poor service.

Dave over 2 years

Boat is a little old, noisy and vibrates. But glad i went by boat and not bus. After the lake. Scenery was very nice and see river life of cambodia. With more modern vessel i think it would be very popular with tourists. Departure was late

Wolfango pirelli almost 3 years

We are not transfert fiom phnom pen to chau doc by boat but by bus i have payed for a transfet by boat but it did not happen and the refund of 12 dollars is not correct

Sophie/Emilia almost 3 years

Driver was funny and seemed nice but drove like he was on grand theft auto, the bus was cramped - one passenger had to sit bent over at a 45 degree angle because the seat was broken. We were scheduled to arrive in Phu Quoc at 2:30 but arrived at 6:00

Henry almost 3 years

Bus had no belts and headrests at every Place. luggage was unsecured. with the basic streets a dangerous Adventure. At leaste the AC worked. We made a stop to pick up new Clients and had to change the bus. The Accomodation there was the same. ferry ok

Attala88 almost 3 years

The driver from Siem Reap to PP was just awful. Not only did we feel that our lives were in peril (we almost got into a head on collusion), he felt the need to stop the bus to take a wiz. We paid $1 for someone to help us at the border but we were bribed!

Kazimieras about 3 years

Would never do this journey again. Arrived to Phu Quoc at around 7pm... Boarding point is not the same as the address on a ticket. Some tuk tuk has to take bus they have no logos. Changed 3 terrible buses. Should have taken a flight via HCMC

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