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Traveller 279419 3 months

? 3 months


Corinne 3 months

A l'heure. On est conduit à la frontière qu'on traverse à pieds et un autre minibus nous emmène à l'embarcadère. Les tickets de bateau étaient prêts, on est arrivés largement à l'heure. Idéal

Sarah 3 months

Overall the trip was ok but there was some misinformation after we’ve crossed the border in Vietnam. We had to take three bus in total without having much information about it (when they’ll come, how long we’ll have to wait, etc).

Marie 4 months

Tobias 4 months

Man kommt an. Nicht pünktlich, nicht bequem, aber man kommt an. Wir haben den Bus um 8:30 von Ha Tien zur Grenze genommen und sind um 14:45 in Sihanoukville angekommen. Zum Glück kann man dort die Tickets für die Fähren zu den Koh Rong Inseln machen.

Marie 4 months

DO NOT TAKE THIS COMPANY: it was 1 hour delayed at departure and then the road is so bad that it took us 3h30 instead of 2h30. Take the train if you can!

Didier 4 months

The confirmed arrival time (at Sihanoukville from Kampot) is totally unreslistic. We missed our boat because 1h10 late. The driver didn’t make any effort. He took two Breaks (1x to buy his breakfast and 1x so he could Go to restroom). Avoid this Company.

Corinne Cornwall 5 months

Amazing service, our family of 6 had issues at the border ending with us having to seperate into Vietnam and to Cambodia. Drivers on both sides helped us trouble shoot and supported us on next steps. Even reminding us to get water in our stressed state.

Quite okay 5 months

Left late, alone over the border, finding the second driver with a picture, they missed our stop but we still got the bus. Not ideal but we made it and everyone was nice to us

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