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Traveler over 1 year

Pick up location in Bangkok is correct. The staff had limited English. The bus left 30 mins late. The journey consisted of a mini van, a guide to escort me to the border, a scooter ride to an office and a car journey to Siem Reap. We arrived 2hrs late.

Jules over 1 year

The journey started pretty bad : in Bangkok the employes didn't seem to want to talk to strangers. Not even a hello, agressive. But the rest of the trip was fine, especially at Poipet border. Employees even helped us avoid scams by following by guiding us

Fleur G over 1 year

We were really happy with the service, the driver was friendly and didn't drive too fast. They took our luggage all the way to the next mini van, which I didn't expect, and they guided us in the right direction. Would definitely take them again.

Antoine over 1 year

We arrived with more than two hours late. The driver didn’t speak English impossible to give him our hotel’s address. A lot of waiting time after crossing the boarder before leaving

Yani Tabares over 1 year

Salida puntual, pero una vez llegue a Siem Reap, casi me hacen pagar el billete nuevamente porque ya yo había borrado mi reservacion y a no ser por el recibo del pago en mi banco, el que me recibió en Siem Reap fue muy grosero pensando yo no había pagado

Good Service over 1 year

Make sure to call & verify the location. We wasted much time trying to find the place because the location on Google Maps is wrong (as of FEB 2023).

Ramiro over 1 year

Worst company, avoid all costs.

Traveller 237572 over 1 year

Kris over 1 year

lee over 1 year

Go Ho Travel boarding locations were very difficult to find in Bangkok and Poipet. It took us more than an hour to find the boarding locations in Bangkok as its not on Google maps and Poipet as they use agents there who have different name.

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