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Thomas 1 day

They made us switch busses after an hour at like 2am. The second bus was full so i had to lay with a stranger in a single bed

Not recommended 4 days

In the really tiny beds they want to put 2 strangers. With my 1.81cm I didn’t even fit diagonal. How do they wanna put 2 in max 90cm together?!?? And they were very rude about not accepting an unknown man next to me.

daisuke 5 days

Nikto nik 10 days

Samnang Noeun about 1 month

Nice. Enjoyed the trip

Alex about 2 months

I was quite disappointed by my travel. We stopped many times at the side of the road and arrived 3 hours and half later than expected. And also, be prepared to share your bed with someone you don't know. I won't book any travel with that company again.

T. about 2 months

Ac was very cold

Traveller 266799 about 2 months

Heriot 2 months

Thomas Willemsen 2 months

Bus was an hour late, so we almost missed our flight. Driver was kind enough to drop us off at the airport though.

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