Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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Traveller 68774 over 4 years

We booked tickets back to Phnom Penh via TCT but unfortunately car was broken on the way to MDK and we have been transferred to another vehicle company which really disappointed us.

Traveller 70193 over 4 years

Christian over 4 years

If you want a trip of 6 hrs and make it in 9 hrs then travel with this company. First the driver was late, the we stopped at the mechanic for over an hr and then he stopped more than 6 times, the air conditioner was broken, so it was 9 hrs of pure hot hel

Sazzle over 4 years

Terrible driving!

Vanessa over 4 years

Bus ansich war gut, aber der Fahrer ist (auch im Vergleich zu anderen kambodschanischen Fahrern) sehr verrückt gefahren, mit völlig überhöhter Geschwindigkeit...

Stephanie over 4 years

Just the driver go too fast

Traveller 647 over 4 years

Traveller 79453 over 4 years

The road was bad and the driver not really carefull... scared me few times!

Simba over 4 years

Very fast trip, lots of overtaking and braking, definitely wear your seatbelt. My biggest complaint is the same as last time I took this bus, find a different first stop the toilets are absolutely disgusting.

Sopari Sor over 4 years

I booked online, but when my husband and I arrived at the boarding point, our names didn’t show up in the system. TCT Mondul Kiri said because our names were not recorded in their system, all the seats were sold out. We couldn’t board the van. Disappointe

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