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Chambouver over 6 years

Wow great company over 6 years

Arrived 5 mins late (Tuk-tuk broke down). They had left on time. The woman there told us to hop on her moto (me & my huge bf + huge bags!)& rushed us to catch up with the driver just so we could make it. She is officially my hero. Tight squeeze but fair!!

Envina over 6 years

Caryl over 6 years

The van was clean and quiet with a bottle of water for each passenger. We left about 15 minutes late and the driver was a little too fast where there was standing water in the road due to the rain that morning, even compared to other Khmer experiences.

Caryl over 6 years

The van was clean and gassed up before we left on time. The driver drove normal Cambodian style and made sure everyone was back in before he left during the 2 stops. There was no bottle of water on board. The music was quiet making a pleasant background.

CHARRAS over 6 years

Departure on time, a sportive driving and not lot of space but nice trip

Wagner over 6 years

The bus transportation was great due to a sympathetic driver. Despite a problem with the motor which was too hot due to a leak, we arrived at destination! Thank you for that. Not a lot of place for the legs but comfortable seats anyway, so a good company.

Irene over 6 years

csoka over 6 years

no space for foot and van smells like dead fish

Thanks over 6 years

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