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J 3 months

Comfortable and pleasant ride that arrived on time. No complaints at all.

Smooth ride 3 months

Well organized, air conditioned and comfortable van, arrived on time.

A 3 months

the worst bus company I have taken so far, whether it is the delay, the bus in which we are transported, the lack of organization, or the lack of understanding of the members of the company. It’s shameful, if I could have put no stars I would have done it

Savorelli Bruno 3 months

little space for luggage. treated with little care and very dusty.

Traveller 111232 4 months

Traveller 288896 4 months

Simon Ellis 4 months

Very convenient

I recommend, it was on time. 5 months

Marie 6 months

Booked for 5 people at 7.30am, arrived early and were allowed to board the van of 6.30am. The van was comfortable, clean and spacious as there was only one other guest with us. Driver was good and speak little english. Good ride & arrival on time

Kris 6 months

The company is a bit dis-organized and the driver wasn't very talkative, but overall a good experience. We left on time and we arrived safely at out destination.

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