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Lee over 6 years

No curtain on the bus making it difficult to stay away from the hot sun light.

Pauline over 6 years

Very good, in time and safe.

Sonita Chhan over 6 years

The van was very old and tiny. There was no available space for passengers' luggages so the driver put the luggages under our seat. Thus, we had no space to rest of feet. What is worse, the driver picked up more passengers than seats available.

Susan over 6 years

Buy Cambodian standards, driver was fairly safe and sensible, though the last few miles he drive very fast, on the wrong side of the road. He stopped a few times to do what seemed to be his own personal shopping. Bus ok, but hot because aircon very weak.

Yasmin over 6 years

Very old and dirty bus, with no space for legs or any other comfort. Driver was nice but driving like hell

Margaux & Kevin over 6 years

On time, and we have a bottle of water on the bus. But the driver drived very fast, it was scared

Gio over 6 years

I didn't get the seat I booked online, minivan overcrowded (people sitting on chairs in the corridor basically leaning on other passengers), baggage everywhere moving at every bump on the road, dirty. For the PP-Mondulkri route TCT Express is way better.

So bad over 6 years

We booked and paied for the bus. Called the night before to arrange pick up, the next day they didn't show up. they hung up every time we called them. By coincidence we arrived at the bus station, got on the bus finally and then the driving home was crazy

K over 6 years

Somehow they overbooked the bus and my seat was taken despite me booking on bookmebus. They arranged me to ride in a different van (old beat up Toyota) from another local company in a different seat. No explanations, no apologies, bye bye leg space.

M over 6 years

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