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Emilie 8 months

Giulio 9 months

Traveller 152342 9 months

Olivia 9 months

Enric 9 months

Really satisfying and excellent customer service. Felt really safe with the driving :)

SD 9 months

Correct no comment

Gail Ruf 9 months

Excellent service. Our midpoint stop…aka Bathroom break was very good bathrooms. Also little stand in front serving food was excellent

Lyn 9 months

The van is rather cramped. For anyone taller than 1.7m there isn't much leg room. Fortunately the van was mostly unoccupied so we were able to take up other seats for more comfort. Journey was smooth. We had one toilet stop w snacks for sale

Traveller 229232 10 months

Traveller 229232 10 months

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