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Dexter 2 months

Bus ride all perfect. Comfortable ride. The location of departure needs to be changed on the email - went to Siem Reap bus station - almost missed the bus.

0 2 months

0 2 months

0 2 months

WeloveSR 2 months

Traveller 148587 2 months

Sam 2 months

It was a bit unorganized and some foreigners just took any seats that were available until there was a complaint, bus window no curtains then hard to sleep cuz street lights, arrived SR 5.20am

0 2 months

Traveller 202254 2 months

ប្តូរកន្លែងគេងរបស់ខ្ញុំ មានភាពរញេរញ៉ៃ the driver switched my seats with other passengers not recommend. although this the cheap one still not worth the money. this is my last ride with this company

Traveller 290293 2 months


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