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May Ibrahim over 6 years

Reliable and Good value for money. Need some announcement in the bus whenever it goes to a bus stop for passengers to know what's going on

Frédéric MARIE over 6 years


Koung Chenglong over 6 years

Hee Young Kim over 6 years

So good. The seat is so comfortable. I recommend Mey Hong :) Phnom Penh to Siem Reap!!

Longman over 6 years

The bus seat is real comfort with three row seat. Environment is cool. I just hope that the bus operator allows us to choose the seat number when booking is made one day prior the departure day. but this is not the case.

Thomas Wanhoff over 6 years

Thomas Wanhoff almost 7 years

Great trip, will book it again. Lots of space.

Bay almost 7 years

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