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Carl Sennsyk about 2 years

Your "bus trip" consisted of: One tuk tuk One bus Another bus Walking 1 km across the border A van Another van #crazyshit

Emily over 2 years

Do not do this. You do not arrive on PhuQuoc at 2 you arrive at 7.30pm with the company lying about timings the whole way. They make you change bus(broken) then spend an hour driving round picking others up meaning you miss ferry/wait for the 4pm slow one

Alfonso over 2 years

It was 2 hours longer than expected and the driver was a bit reckless (no more than the other Cambodian drivers), there was air conditioning and the seat was acceptable. They were very punctual in the pickups and they accompanied us at all times.Satisfied

Wing Yan Evelyn Chan over 2 years

The most disappointed thing was that no announcement about the reason of the delay and just let the customer waited in the ferry. The departure time was originally 7:30am, but it finally departed at 9:15am.

Mowgli over 2 years

Very dirty boat. Sorry Inside the boat you see nothing of the surrounding. Would not recommend it. Very expensive.

Sanika Raje over 2 years

PATHETIC in one word! It’s a lie that you’ll reach in 6.5 hours! We reached in more than 12 hours! There’s a delay and waiting throughout. Take you to Kampot before Ha Tien to change van. Bags flew out of van midway! Put us on slow ferry instead of fast!

Timo over 2 years

BookMeBus web site said to arrive at 7:00 am for 7:30 am departure. At dockside, however, departure was said to be scheduled for 8:30 am. Actual departure was 8:47 am.

Rosa over 2 years

We enjoyed the ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, thank you.

Mathew over 2 years

Great way to travel if the weather is good. Bookmebus were prompt in answering my many emails, but they need to update the photo of the boat on their website to correctly show the type of vessel. There is some food and drinks on board to help with boredom

Signe over 2 years

Really small boat with absolutely no comfort. We were expecting something better. There was a small toilet, if you can call it that. It wasn’t possible to buy anything. We traveled with a child, and it felt very unsafe because of the nonexistent life vest

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