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a 2 days

Pum 5 days

Driver didn't wear mask. They forget my suitcase at the station and told me they were going to send it that day. Unfortunately, they sent it the next day. Also, they made ME pay a tuk tuk to bring it to my hotel.

Daniel Chong 5 days

Ben 5 days

AC, modern big ford transit, comfortable. Stopped a few times for toilet & once at a restaurant where we had time for food & drink. Driver was happy to let people get out at various places (close to their hotel I guess) as we came into Phnom Penh

Traveller 33379 10 days

ឡានចេញយឺតជាងម៉ោងប្រហែលជាង ៣០នាទី

Bunna 11 days

My booked bus was broken up at the time. Wish they can at least let us know 30 mins in advance.

Kevin 12 days

Got us to Siem Reap on time! Took two rest stops. Car was a little hot towards the end of the ride. Would ride again 👍🏽

Traveller 155955 13 days

van is for shipping, it’s not for passenger. small space seat. horrible experience ever.

Fear 14 days

Driver was so aggressive I feared for my life most of the way

jane 18 days

absolutely horrible service, they kicked us out and made us take the next bus (which was overcrowded so they put an extra chair in the middle which im sure is illegal and it was so so uncofrotable. the guy at the station was horrible and rude and racist.

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