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Annalisa almost 2 years

Everything went smooth and fast. A glitch occurred with the QR code of the reservation: it disappeared the day of departure; but they printed me the ticket. Good price and convenient, efficient, pleasant journey

a almost 2 years

could not use the seat belts

Melissa Condren almost 2 years

A good experience.

Michaela almost 2 years

Kimseng is realiable company. Always take it to Kampot from Phnom Penh and back.

Sandy almost 2 years

Kim Seng Express was right on time - as opposed to Virak Buntham who left 30 minutes late. Vehicles were a bit tired (no seatbelts) but seats were comfortable and driver was safe, polite and friendly. I would travel with them again!

Roy Hoffman almost 2 years


Roy Hoffman almost 2 years

Driver drove like a maniac , was several times almost in very bad accidents

Traveller 172321 almost 2 years

kimseng express very good

Floriane Philippe almost 2 years

Traveller 200057 almost 2 years

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