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YONGMIN about 2 months

The driver kept talking on the phone and spoke loudly along the way. He stopped at a restaurant for dinner on the way and everyone was waiting for him. The journey was supposed to take three hours, but it took four hours to arrive.

Provot 2 months

Très bien

Provot 2 months

Très bien

Mar 4 months

Van was on time, driver was fine. Was just really small amd very warm. We were sitting at the back with the two of us at two mini spots sweating like crazy bc airco was not really working.

Horrendous/scary driving… 5 months

The driving was awful. The driver was on his phone for the whole three hours and hardly looked at the road which was pretty scary. He stopped randomly at shops and the minivan was very dirty. The lady who organised everything at Sihanoukville was helpful.

Guy 5 months

Wanted to book a ferry from Sihanoukville to KRS. I was offered a ticket with “Island Tour Express” with a departure at 14h00. Found out there was no ferry at that time. Paid 25$ again at bus station for a ticket with Island Speed Ferry departing at 12h00

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