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Sovannary Kim over 3 years


Sam over 3 years

Took the VIP van from PP to Banlung. The van left on time at 6am and before the said arrival time. We stopped an hour after departure and 2 more times on the way. I picked the seat #8 - good leg room but on the way for others to get in and out.

Traveller 65203 over 3 years

The only problems i have with this bus is that they pick up people on the road, chair not comfy, and stop where to eat is no healthy.

Tann almost 4 years

The driver stopped many timea to pick up passengers Long the way, this led him to drove fast and killed 2 lil puppies. His driving is okay but he's a killer.

claudia almost 4 years

it was fantastic because allthough we were 20 minutes delay we got our connection to kratie!!! really great!!!! and the bus driver dropped us directly in front of our guest house. thank you!!!!

Trip was ok, would choose again this company almost 4 years

I'm satisfied, start punctual, we arrived later than planned but only a bit. Nice low price. Regular stops (every 2 hours or so) for WC, breakfast, lunch. Driver was talking on the phone almost whole time, and was driving too fast but seemed in control.

Helena almost 4 years

Great and safe drive!

Traveller 71343 almost 4 years

Traveller 74616 almost 4 years

Excellent journey almost 4 years

My only complaint is that the driver was a little too fast in general; and we did hit/kill a dog on the way. But, this is a great ride - the stops along the way are mercifully few and short unlike most companies.

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