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Valentina 14 days

We arrived 1.5 hours late

Adrien Pellequer about 1 month

Cambodian standard... effective departure 1h30 late, old mini van, end up pushing it because no battery, and arrived 1 hour late among other inconveniences.

Tongkheng Eng about 1 month

Oliver 3 months

Kampot- Sihanoukville, we arrived earlier than expected, van was clean and AC good. Only the distance to the seat in front is too small. For taller people it's uncomfortable after some minutes because of the short legroom.

Thomas SALL 3 months

Very Good

Susi 3 months

From PhnomPenh to HaTien, we made a stop in Kampot. Instead of 5, the journey took 6 hours. But it was okay as it took us longer at the border. Other MiniVans from the border. Van in good condition + air conditioning (Asia ratio) bus driver drove fast

Thomas 3 months

Sihanoukville/Kep. They told us it was a direct journey, 4:30h drive. Not at all. Departure at 2pm, arrival at Kampot at almost 5pm and wait for an other bus to Kep until 6:30pm. Arrival at 7pm in Kep. The driver was cool. No AC in the first bus.

Kep - Phnom Penh / terrible customer service 3 months

The schedule for booking online are not updated. We booked for a departure at 7:30 am, they asked for our presence at 7:00 am we leave at 8:30 am. The woman at the desk was so disrespectful. She came at the office late, no hello, no excuses, nothing.

Nara 3 months

To my mind it's a little hot! But it's acceptable.ok!

Elena Stenkina 3 months

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